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19 th Annual Meeting of the European Venous Forum (EVF) - 9th Annual Meeting of the Balkan Venous Forum Athens, Greece 28-30 June 2018

President: Professor Athanasios Giannoukas
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Please indicate your primary reason for attending the conference (one √ only)
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Did the Conference fulfill your educational needs and expected learning outcomes?
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Evaluate then rate the following elements of this meeting in fulfilling your goal.
Didactic Sessions
Meeting with faculty
Discussion periods
Question and Answers
Programme book
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How useful to you personally was each session?
Abstract Session 1
Abstract Session 2
ePoster Presentations 1
Meet the Experts Session 1
Abstract Session 3
Abstract Session 4
Abstract Session 5
EVF Invited Lecture
Didactic Session 1
ePoster Presentations 2
Meet the Experts Session 2
Prize Winner Papers
Didactic Session 2
Abstract Session 6
Didactic Session 3
Didactic Session 4
Venous Workshop – Part 1
Venous Workshop – Part 2
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Did all the faculty members provide their potential conflict of interest declaration with the sponsor(s) as a second slide of their presentation?

Can you provide an example of biased presentation in this activity?
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Do you agree that the information was overall free of commercial and other bias?
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Please rate how relevant each of these educational needs are to you.

Examine new diagnostic modes
Examine new therapeutic potential
Learn about new devices
Learn about endoluminal grafts
Receive hands-on training
Classical Surgical techniques
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How important are the following topics to your practice.
Diagnostic investigation
Risk factor management
Evidence based practice
Experimental studies
Drug therapy
Classical Surgical treatment
Endovascular treatment
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Was the presented information well balanced and consistently supported by a valid scientific

evidence base?

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Please rate the following items.
Organization of the programme
Overall rating of Congress
Hotel accommodations/facilities
Meeting facilities
Congress staff
What was the best aspect of this event?
What was the worst aspect of this event?
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Will the information you learnt be implemented in your practice?
Please give a summary of the information you received which will be useful in your practice.
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